Panoramas (Summer 2010)

Here are the panoramas generated by the students in the class over summer 2010.  Student names and links to the panorama’s available from the picassaweb site here. Click on links to see the actual pictures.

Students 1 2 3 4 5
Beglin / Templeton Trivolli Fountain, Italy Grand Canal Mallorca Barcelona Port
Bixby / Blyth / Bush A Pond on Oxford Campus
Blair / Criegton / Watkins Forum in Rome The Sphere at the Entramce of the Vatican
Brown / Lee Fez, Morrocco
Buolamwini / Hampton picassweb
Chacon / Morales picasaweb picasaweb
Cotton / Hasan picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb
DeMartino picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb
DiRito / Pourshiravi / Vashakmadze picasaweb picasaweb
Dooley / Kontopidis / Stafford / Wallick picasaweb picasaweb
Feury / Hirth picasaweb
Gomba / Gomez / Hanington / Legg picasaweb picasaweb
Gonzalez / Hint picasaweb
Ha picasawebk
Hancock / Humann-Richardson / McCarthy picasaweb
Kim / Smith picasaweb
King / Solsten picasaweb
PacoMateo picasaweb picasaweb
Rios picasaweb

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