Computational Photography Class Projects Exhibition Spring 2011.

Computational Photography Class Projects Exhibition 2011.

Date: April 28, 2011
Time: 2pm-3pm
Location: Klaus 1116E

The Computational Photography class for this term will be doing an exhibition to showcase their final term projects. Come join us to see the creative and technical abilities of our students as they showcase their creative photography projects powered with computing technologies. See digital image and video artifacts that include efforts in high dynamic range imaging, photomosaics, panoramas, tilt-shift photography, image morphing, color manipulation, photo and video montages, interactive video manipulation, model building,  photo/video tourism, subliminal imaging and painterly rendering. Some students are exploring technical and developmental issues, others are using existing tools to explore newer creative aspects with photography.

For further information on the class, topics covered, and other projects done by students during the course of the term, see the class website at

The spring term offering of Computational Photography (CS 4475HP) is offered under the Georgia Tech Honors Program. Some graduate students are also participating with a special graduate offering of CS 8803CP.  This term’s class has many majors from all over GA Tech, with one common interest, photography.

This showcase is hosted by the GVU Center, RIM @ GT Center, and the School of Interactive Computing of the College of Computing at GA Tech.


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