The First Plenoptic Camera on the Market

It looks like the wait for plenoptic cameras to hit the market is shorter than we thought when we reported earlier today on Adobe’s interesting demonstration on the technology. In fact, there is no wait — you can already purchase a plenoptic camera. German company Raytrix is the first to offer plenoptic cameras that allow you to choose focus points in post processing and capture 3D images with a single sensor.

Their “entry-level” R5 camera shoots at 1 megapixel, while the high-end R11 shoots at 3 megapixels. They can also convert any existing digital camera into a plenoptic camera, creating a lens array for it within 6-8 weeks.

Processing the resulting images is done through proprietary software written by Raytrix. How much these cameras cost isn’t published on their website, and is only provided on request. If you have any idea, leave a comment letting us know!

via The First Plenoptic Camera on the Market.


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