Python/OpenCV/numpy/scipy Installation for Linux

Most linux distributions come pre-installed with python. To verify that this is the case, type the following into a terminal

python -V

And verify that you are running python 2.7.3

Next, run:

sudo apt-get install python-scipy python-numpy python-opencv idle-python2.7

If you are on a distribution that does not use apt, your package manager likely has equivalent packages.


One thought on “Python/OpenCV/numpy/scipy Installation for Linux

  1. To install OpenCV using the terminal on Ubuntu:
    $ su –
    # apt-get update
    # apt-get install build-essential
    # apt-get install libavformat-dev
    # apt-get install x264 v4l-utils ffmpeg
    # apt-get install libcv2.3 libcvaux2.3 libhighgui2.3 python-opencv opencv-doc libcv-dev libcvaux-dev libhighgui-dev

    OpenCV should be installed in /usr/local/ Installation Directory

    You may also want to compile and view examples
    $ cp -r /usr/share/doc/opencv-doc/examples .
    $ cd examples
    $ cd c
    $ sh


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