• Instructor:
    • Irfan Essa.
      • Office hours after class, and can be scheduled via email.
      • Please contact the professor via Piazza (using the “Individual  ..” Option, it is sent privately to the Instructor(s)) .
      • Prefer No emails, unless there is some URGENT and PRIVATE thing you want me to know, use “CS4475/6475” in the subject line.
  • TA
    • Julia Deeb. Please contact TA via Piazza (see above). Prefer no emails.


The following is a Google Spreadsheet (Direct link here for browsers that do not show it). Do note that there are two sheets, one the Schedule and the other referred to as “Material”, which contains the details about Readings and Videos and such.  See the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Assignments and Grading

  • Class Attendance & Participation (10 %)
  • Assignments / Homeworks (60 %) [There will be 11-12 Assignments]
  • Final Project (10%)
  • Portfolio of all Efforts in this class (5%)
  • Exam (15%)
  • All of the above subject to minor modifications as needed, which will be announced in class.


  • Communications with the Professor and TA should be exclusively through Piazza. No emails!
  • Class attendance is required. Late by 15 minutes, counts as an absence. Legitimate reasons for being excused from class include, personal issues, health (keep those germs away from class), interview, conference travel, etc. Travelling and exploring, assignments due in other classes, out to pick up friends, and other such excuses not accepted. Please inform Instructor of a planned absence via email before class and fill out this GOOGLE form
  • Grading. Usually a score of 90 is considered an “A” and 100 an “A+” (but a 100 is given to only artifacts/projects/hw that are exceptional and beyond what was expected!). 80, 70 are “B” and “C” respectively.
  • Homeworks Assignments will be graded on a list of criteria (specified on the assignment) such as quality of work, completeness, insight into technical issues, insight into other relevant issues, etc. Assignments are due at the start of class on the day they are due. Assignments will typically be due almost every week on a Tuesday at 12n.
  • Late Assignments: Everything is DUE before the class session. NO extensions. In most circumstance, students will be asked to discuss their assignment in class.
  • Laptops use in class: Use of laptops in class room for purposes of note-taking and work related to the class is allowed, but ONLY and ONLY for that purpose. If a student is seen surfing the web during class, or chatting with someone, or emailing, then points will be deducted from the class attendance and participation portions of the grade (3% for each infraction, with a total of 3 max, after that the student looses the whole class participation score).
  • Cellphones in class: Please turn your cellphone and other mobile devices to “silent” mode during class. Thanks.
  • This class abides by the Georgia Tech Honor Code. All assigned work is expected to be individual, except where explicitly written otherwise. You are encouraged to discuss the assignments with your classmates; however, what you hand in should be your own work. If any work product was produced based on discussions with someone else (in the class OR outside), please specify clearly in the final turn-in.

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