Final Project (Summer 2010/BCN)

Here are the final project done by the students in team or individually. These were “Free Form” projects, lasting only 1 week. The students were encouraged to find a topic of interest to them and generate an artifact. It could be completely driven to support creativity or technical abilities. Here is a sampling of what came about. Did I say, this was purely student driven and free form?

Final Projects: See the Google Docs Spreadsheet



Panoramas (Summer 2010)

Here are the panoramas generated by the students in the class over summer 2010. ┬áStudent names and links to the panorama’s available from the picassaweb site here. Click on links to see the actual pictures.

Students 1 2 3 4 5
Beglin / Templeton Trivolli Fountain, Italy Grand Canal Mallorca Barcelona Port
Bixby / Blyth / Bush A Pond on Oxford Campus
Blair / Criegton / Watkins Forum in Rome The Sphere at the Entramce of the Vatican
Brown / Lee Fez, Morrocco
Buolamwini / Hampton picassweb
Chacon / Morales picasaweb picasaweb
Cotton / Hasan picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb
DeMartino picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb picasaweb
DiRito / Pourshiravi / Vashakmadze picasaweb picasaweb
Dooley / Kontopidis / Stafford / Wallick picasaweb picasaweb
Feury / Hirth picasaweb
Gomba / Gomez / Hanington / Legg picasaweb picasaweb
Gonzalez / Hint picasaweb
Ha picasawebk
Hancock / Humann-Richardson / McCarthy picasaweb
Kim / Smith picasaweb
King / Solsten picasaweb
PacoMateo picasaweb picasaweb
Rios picasaweb

Photosynths (Summer 2010).

Here are the Photo Synths ( done by students in summer 2010.  Students names are listed in the left column and links to their photo-synths are provides.  Please see the for more information on how to best view these.

Student LastNames 1 2 3 4
Beglin / Templeton Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, ESP
Bixby / Blyth / Bush The Cascade (Fountain), Barcelona, ESP
Brown / Lee A Canyon (on the way to), Ourzazate, Morocco
Buolamwini / Hampton Stonehenge, Salisbury, ENG London Eye, London, ENG
Castro / McCommon Gugenheim, Bilbao, ESP San Sebastian Beach, San Sebastian, ENG Plaza Espanya, Barcelona, ESP Citadel, Cairo, EGYPT
Chacon / Morales Sala de Juntes, FIB/UPC Campus, Barcelona, ESP
Cotton / Hasan Tibidabo Church, Barcelona, ESP Camp Nou, Barcelona, ESP Hamza in Residencia Onix, Barcelona, ESP Louvre Lobby, Paris, FRANCE
DiMartino Barceloneta Alba, Barcelona, ESP
DiRito / Pourshiravi/ Vashakmadze The Cathedral, Bari Gothic, Barcelona, ESP
Dooley / Kontopidis / Stafford / Wallick A Statue in Italy
Feury / Hirth Spiral Structure on UPC Campus, Barcelona, ESP
Gonzalez / Hint Bicycle Parking, Amsterdam, Netherlands St. Peter’s Square, Vatican
Ha La Padera (Casa Mila), Barcelona, ESP
Hancock / Humann-Richardson / McCarthy Marcedona Market (Near Resendicia Onix), Barcelona, ESP
Kim / Smith Parc de la Estacio Nord (Near Resedencia Onix), Barcelona, ESP
King / Solsten La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, ESP
Rios / Tumlinson Parc de la Estacio Nord (Near Resedencia Onix), Barcelona, ESP