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Text & Reading Material.

  1. [RS] Richard Szeliski (2010) Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications; by (see link or link for a draft of this book available online)
  2. Alternatively (not required, but may help) [PF] Forsyth & Ponce (2012), Computer Vision: A Modern Approach, Pearson (see link)
  3. Other material available online and listed with the schedule.

Software Installation

NOTE: This is outdated!

This class is on both photography and computation, and in the homeworks we will write code to do computation on images. Before we can get to that, however, we need to get the right tools for the job.

  • We will be using python, which is a free, platform independent and flexible programming language.
  • numpy and scipy are open-source packages that serve as the foundation for scientific computing with python.
  • OpenCV is an open-source computer vision library which provides access to many tools for dealing specifically with images and video.

Instructions (Please read them carefully and follow the steps, one-by-one)

  • Windows – here
  • Mac OS X [Try one of the two Mac OS X methods and let it finish. Before trying the other, un-install the last one, as they do conflict]
  • Linux – here