GUEST SPEAKER: Aaron Hertzmann (U Toronto) “Non-Photorealistic Rendering and The Science of Art”

Title: Non-Photorealistic Rendering and The Science of Art
Prof. Aaron Hertzmann, PhD
University of Toronto
Thursday June 3, 2010


This will be an informal talk in two parts.  First, I will describe some of my previous work and background in Non-Photorealistic Rendering, which aims to create images and animations that appear hand-painted, drawn, and to otherwise combine traditional styles of images with computer graphics. Second, I will discuss how this kind of research could be used in the future to develop scientific theories of art and aesthetics.


Aaron Hertzmann is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Toronto. He received a BA in Computer Science and Art & Art History from Rice University in 1996, and an MS and PhD in Computer Science from New York University in 1998 and 2001, respectively. In the past, he has worked at University of Washington, Microsoft Research, Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab, Interval Research Corporation and NEC Research Institute. His awards include the MIT TR100 (2004), an Ontario Early Researcher Award (2005), a Sloan Foundation Fellowship (2006), a Microsoft New Faculty Fellowship (2006), a UofT CS teaching award (2008), and the CACS/AIC Outstanding Young CS Researcher Prize (2010).  He is currently on sabbatical at Pixar Animation Studios and Hebrew University of Jerusalem.